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April 5, 2013

Friday's News & Ideas

Speaking truth to power in love
Religion & Politics: An interview with the Rev. Jonathan Walton, the Pusey Minister of Harvard University's Memorial Church.

A letter to my newborn daughter
Houston Chronicle: Marty Troyer, pastor of Houston Mennonite Church, welcomes his daughter, born in the sacred space of Holy Week.

Entertainment isn't a Trivial Pursuit
Christianity Today: Why pop culture can be rich with meaning, insight, and value for our lives.

Quitting religion, but not the practice of prayer
Religion Dispatches: So, what are Nones up to when they pray?

A state religion? What's next, North Carolina, secession?
The Washington Post: As a North Carolina resident and a proud United States citizen, Mary C. Curtis is starting to worry.

The Spark

Little grown-ups and their progeny
Today, we think of New York City children as fragile creatures, sensitive to sunlight and best stored in Styrofoam peanuts and bubble wrap. Ironically, as New York magazine reports, the city that parents are protecting their kids from has never been safer or more prosperous. For most of New York's history, kids were an independent, adventurous, and far tougher species.

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