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March 20, 2012

Tuesday's News & Ideas

A flickering light
America: Michael O'Loughlin loves the institutional church and has chosen it, spiritually, educationally and professionally, for much of his life. But recently, the light is flickering.
Christian Post: Youth turned off by religion and politics, turn away from church

Sic transit...
Sightings: Celebrated figures like Robert Schuller and William Hamilton offer an opportunity to look anew at unsensational theologizing and ministries that guide millions.

Trinity Church's board in open revolt against Rev. James Cooper's extravagant ways
New York Post: Playing fast and loose with the numbers and church records, is one of many complaints that dog the man who heads the richest parish in the Anglican world.

When the good do bad
The New York Times: These days, it's especially hard to think through situations like the massacre of 16 Afghan civilians because of the worldview that prevails in our culture, says David Brooks.
The Daily Beast: Michael Ware on Staff Sgt. Robert Bales, accused of killing Afghan civilians
Truthdig: Chris Hedges: Murder is not an anomaly in war

Open Book: When I Was a Child I Read Books, by Marilynne Robinson
The (Toronto) National Post: Marilynne Robinson undertakes an explicit defence of her religion -- in the process eviscerating much contemporary nonsense with a sharpness that is a joy to behold.

Pope's Mexico trip a chance to explore church-state conflict
USA Today: Pope's visit and site of the Mass symbolize the extent to which church and state have reconciled in Mexico.

The Spark

Sibling rivalry grows up
Marianne Walsh and her sister, Megan Putman, keep track of whose kids their mother babysits more. They also compete with each other over parenting styles and their weight. Adult sibling rivalry remains one of the most harmful and least addressed issues in a family, the Wall Street Journal reports. We know it when we see it. Often, we deeply regret it. But we have no idea what to do about it.

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