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March 19, 2013

Tuesday's News & Ideas

Pope Francis calls for service to 'poorest, weakest'
The New York Times: At formal start of his papacy, Pope Francis offers a passionate pledge to serve "the poorest, the weakest, the least important."

Pope and nones
Sightings: Non-Catholic Christians neither look on in envy at inflated Catholic coverage of Pope Francis nor without sympathy for a suffering church, says Martin Marty.
Religion & Politics: Theology has consequences: What policies will Pope Francis champion?

After giving up religion, atheists try giving up something else for Lent
Religion News Service: What would an "atheist Lent" look like? A group of young nonbelievers are finding out, observing the Christian practice minus its religious context.

Behind bars, a United Methodist church takes hold
United Methodist Reporter: Grace Place UMC is the first prison-based mission congregation in the UMC's Southeastern Jurisdiction and the second in the country.

Christian Bale to play Moses in Ridley Scott's biblical epic
The (London) Guardian: Dark Knight Rises actor set to take the lead in Scott's forthcoming Old Testament saga, though there is competition to get the story to the screen

The Spark

How we learned to set aside our moral qualms and love the bomb
Nuclear war is unthinkable. At least, that's what we like to tell ourselves. Given the mass death and devastation from an atomic strike, surely only a desperate despot would even consider such a strike. Well, think again, Pacific Standard reports. Among Americans, the taboo against the use of nukes is far weaker than you might imagine .

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