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March 18, 2013

Monday's News & Ideas

The pope's four biggest challenges
CNN Belief blog: Pope Francis has got his work cut out for him, with four challenges looming especially large.

I was in prison and you visited me
Daily Episcopalian: Harvard interfaith prison ministry teams have found themselves moved by the experience of entering the world of those who seem so "other."

Phillips Theological Seminary in Tulsa names new dean
The Tulsa (Okla.) World: The Rev. Nancy Pittman will be the next dean of Phillips Theological Seminary.

A new pope and the remodeling of the world's moral map
Los Angeles Times: The election of Pope Francis may have opened our eyes to Christianity's future, as we peer over the wall we ourselves constructed.

Mormons change references to blacks, polygamy
NPR: The Mormon Church released this week the most significant changes to its scripture since 1981.

The Spark

With both lifespan and the economy, forever wanting more diminishes us
The Rev. Giles Fraser was lying in bed with the flu when a Malthusian picture began to take shape in his fevered imagination. Writing in The (London) Guardian, he says the idea that science and technology can fix everything for us is fundamentally a belief in magic.

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