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March 5, 2012

Monday's News & Ideas

Some are swapping mega-churches for tiny ones
Washington Post: Across the country, churches of 100 people or fewer are still the most popular niche.

Five women in religion to watch
CNN Belief blog: Sarah Sentilles on five women to watch in 2012.

Faith and Facebook: UM churches finding their way with social media
UM Portal: There's no excuse to ignore Facebook, unless you want to be just the church that's open on Sunday.

Showing up
Daily Episcopalian: The gathered body on Sunday is the base material for sacramental transformation -- even if it's only to provide a place for another to go through the motions.

Catholics will be called to oppose gay marriage
The (London) Telegraph: Catholic Church in UK considers enlisting more than a million regular worshippers to oppose government plans for same-sex marriage.
The (London) Telegraph: Gay marriage is like slavery, Catholic leader says

Romney, Santorum and archaic ideas on fertility
Washington Post: The Bible contains profound truths about faith, love, justice and fidelity, but as a point-by-point guidebook to modern domestic life it's nearly worthless, Lisa Miller says.

The Spark

How to be happy anywhere
For his work, Martin Lindstrom spent 300 days traveling the world last year. And as a result, he's begun seeing people in a new light, wondering why some people find happiness wherever they may be, and others don't. When he asked kids in one of the poorest districts of Medellin, Columbia, about happiness, they waved their hands in the air and laughed, he writes in Fast Company. They dismissed happiness as a Western thing, and suggested we stop talking about it and just get on with the business of living.

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