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February 28, 2012

Tuesday's News & Ideas

Re-branding a religion is hard to do, and not always successful
Religion News Service: Did leaders of the SBC hurt their missionary cause by opting not to change the denomination's name to something a bit more, well, marketable?

Following the leader
Inside Higher Ed: Mentorship a key role for Gordon College president.

Salvation Mountain is missing its guiding spirit
Los Angeles Times: With its creator now in a convalescent home, Salvation Mountain now needs its own salvation from the desert's blistering heat and fearsome windstorms.

'Even outstanding women struggle to rise in the C of E'
The (London) Independent: Female bishops are on the cards, but the rank and file believe they are excluded from the top jobs.
The (London) Guardian: The women who oppose female bishops

Michigan 'prayer station' volunteers are political doubting Thomases
Washington Post: It is not easy to be God's receptionists in the auto-plant suburbs of Detroit.

Your Lent prayers online or on paper
The (London) Telegraph: Sacred Mysteries: what the internet can offer in support of prayer in the run-up to Easter.

The Spark

Thinking creatively: just add milk
Want to boost your creativity? Tomorrow morning, pour some milk into an empty bowl, and then add the cereal, Miller-McCune reports. That may sound, well, flaky. But according to a newly published study, preparing a common meal in reverse order may stimulate innovative thinking.

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