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February 21, 2013

Thursday's News & Ideas

After Benedict
Commonweal: Expectations for the papacy need to change.
Religion News Service: Vatican mulling changes to election of new pope

Strategy is all about practice
Harvard Business, blogs: Roger Martin has never seen anybody become good at strategy without practice, and he doubts that he ever will. Because strategy is a discipline.

Can a group of Liberty University evangelists save Las Vegas?
Las Vegas Weekly: In 2012, Pastor Dave Earley moved to Las Vegas to start a church. Now he's trying to turn Sin City into Grace City.

Shoemaker resigning as Myers Park Baptist pastor
Charlotte (N.C.) Observer: After a month of treatment for anxiety and depression, the Rev. Steve Shoemaker has resigned as senior minister at Myers Park Baptist Church.

Southern pastor who banned fried chicken in church still spreading the good, healthy news
Birmingham (Ala.) News: The Southern pastor who in 2009 banned fried chicken in his church for healthier fare is still preaching his healthy living message.

The Spark

My electric toothbrush's nervous breakdown
Pamela Haag's outrageously expensive electric toothbrush recently kept her up half the night, repeatedly whirring to life, all on its own and for no reason. By 4 a.m., she resorted to violence, banging it against a shelf, and then smothering it in a pile of towels. Writing at Big Think, Haag says that technology that promises to remove small annoyances of one kind introduces small annoyances of another .

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