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February 22, 2013

Friday's News & Ideas

Why Tim Tebow canceled his mega-church appearance
The Christian Science Monitor: Tim Tebow canceled his scheduled appearance at a Dallas mega-church after hearing "new information" about the pastor's anti-gay and anti-Islam statements.

One nation under God? – What I (don't) know about American religion
The Telegraph: A Briton living in the United States ponders Americans’ faith: "Put simply, I am constantly surprised by how much religion matters here."

Interview with Swiss theologian: 'Benedict XVI could turn into a shadow Pope'
Spiegel online: Progressive Catholic theologian Hans Küng, whose authority to teach Catholic theology was rescinded by the Vatican in 1979, spoke to Spiegel about the challenges facing the next pope and the need for reform of the Catholic Church.
Busted Halo: The papal succession obsession

Britton churches facing difficulties in finding pastors
Aberdeen (S.D.) News: Churches across rural South Dakota are facing the same problem: a dwindling number of members that makes it increasingly difficult to pay the costs of a full-time pastor.

Called to the clergy later in life
Ventura County Star: Aaron Spelling’s former butler wasn’t even Catholic when he decided to become a priest. Like many people, he wanted something more from life and decided, after a successful career doing other work, to join the clergy.

The Spark

How To Create a Mind: Can a marriage between man and machine solve the world's problems?
Ray Kurzweil wants to reverse-engineer the human brain. It’s a fetching idea to some; malevolently far-fetched to others. A review of his new book in the Toronto Globe and Mail sums up his thesis that "the human brain itself is the most powerful thinking machine available today." Yet Kurzweil also says that "right now we're giving machines more and more intelligence, and in the end, the machines will always win."

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Gretchen Eula

The Catholic world awaits the end of the month of Feb as this is a new turning point for the Catholic Church. Lets wait and see.

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