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February 20, 2013

Wednesday's News & Ideas

Gospel lessons from 'Downton Abbey'
Religion News Service: With two key characters killed off, is it pointless to watch earlier episodes? As any Christian can tell you, knowing how the story ends doesn't take away its meaning or mystery.

Report: Megachurches thriving in tough economic times
Religion News Service: Despite the tough economy, many of the nation's largest churches are thriving, with increased offerings and plans to hire more staff, a new survey shows.

I go to church not for God but for humanity
The (London) Guardian: Andrew Brown is happy to kneel in prayer even though he can't believe there's anyone out there. It's a cure for haste and pride and self-pity.

Friday Night Lights' Kyle Chandler returning to TV in Showtime's The Vatican pilot
E!: Friday Night Lights actor to star in Showtime's pilot The Vatican, described as a provocative contemporary genre thriller about spirituality, power and politics.

Catholic priests face increasing stress
Springfield (Ill.) State Journal-Register: Study finds that diocesan clergy report significantly greater depression and anxiety than in the general population.

The Spark

The rich see a different Internet than the poor
Imagine an Internet where unseen hands curate your entire experience. Where others predetermine the news, products and prices you see. A world where you think you are making choices, but in reality, you have only the illusion of control. This is not far from what is happening today, Scientific American reports. Most of us live on the wrong side of a one-way mirror.

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