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February 14, 2012

Tuesday's News & Ideas

A love note to the workaholic
Washington Post: Many of us have spent the majority of our adult lives in jobs that train us to outrun and outsmart the experience that underpins love and connection -- vulnerability.

'Monsignors' mutiny' revealed by Vatican leaks
Reuters: "It is a total mess," said one high-ranking Vatican official who spoke, like all others, on the condition of anonymity.

The best ways to fight poverty -- really
Christianity Today: The government is by far the best institution to raise the poor's standard of living. The church does something more important for them.

Lenten disciplines: spiritual exercises or ego trip
Episcopal Café: Once upon a time I was all about "penitence" in Lent -- and I still think penitence is an important aspect of Lent -- but it's now merely an aspect rather than the aspect, writes Maria L. Evans.

A lost generation?
America: Fewer young women are practicing their faith: How the church can woo them back.

Where's the boss? Trapped in a meeting
Wall Street Journal: When top executives compare their top priorities to their time use, "they are usually surprised about the mismatch," says Robert Steven Kaplan, a professor of management practice at Harvard Business School.

The Spark

A brother and sister get married (and later, their son tweets it)
Last August, comedian John Fugelsang Tweeted his parents' unusual love story -- with photos -- on the one-year anniversary of his father's death. A nun and a monk, they broke their religious vows and made new ones -- to each other. As Fugelsang told NPR, it was their first love and second marriage , the first being a marriage to God.

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