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February 13, 2013

Wednesday's News & Ideas

Can secular journalists argue theology with the pope?
The Los Angeles Times: How do journalists presume to tell the Catholic Church how to interpret the texts and traditions of the faith?

Pope tweeted into retirement
Religion Dispatches: Pope Benedict has seen mind-boggling changes in communications technologies in his brief period of service. It's no wonder he's tired.

A blizzard of challenges: church on Facebook
Daily Episcopalian: In the aftermath of last weekend's blizzard, a New Haven church held services anyway, via social media.

A critic reflects on Pope Benedict
America: As he finds himself unexpectedly defending Pope Benedict against attacks, Michael J. O'Loughlin discovers that the Catholic faith has formed him perhaps more than he realized.
Washington Post: This map of global Catholic populations shows the church's looming dilemma

After rebuke, an apology for pastor in Newtown
The New York Times: In an unexpected reversal, Missouri Synod official apologizes after criticizing a pastor in Newtown, Conn., for taking part in an interfaith memorial service.

The Spark

How much healing does healing take?
As someone who has experienced great physical and emotional traumas, Derek Beres knows the importance of patience, compassion and self-understanding, that healing is indeed a layered process. But, he writes at Big Think, we need to differentiate between tragedies like rape and PTSD and needing to "heal" every failed expectation we've had in life. It begs the question: When are you actually OK?

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