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February 8, 2013

Friday's News & Ideas

Picking up a bagel instead of a partisan fight
CNN Belief blog: At the National Prayer Breakfast, Democrats and Republicans laud one another about a temporary political truce, lay down their partisan ammunition, and pause to pray together.

To change the world, fear means go
Harvard Business blogs: Fear can be a compass -- an indicator of the direction you should go in if you want to become the person you have the potential to be.

It's not the end of the world
Busted Halo: A writer's heart grows heavy as Catholics on both sides of the aisle scream at each other. But then she remembers: The absolute worst has already happened.

How the "Islamic Antichrist" reflects our era's anxieties
Religion News Service: The papacy, King George III, the Soviet Union and now Muslims. Every age needs an Antichrist.

Should doctors and patients be Facebook friends?
Wall Street Journal: Doctors are finding a role for social media in their medical practices, but face challenges maintaining appropriate boundaries between professional and social relationships.

The Spark

Why parents need to let their children fail
The mother who "helps" a bit too much with the child's math homework, the father who builds the student's science project. Don't waste teacher Jessica Lahey's time. The stories teachers exchange these days reveal a whole new level of overprotectiveness and overparentin, she writes in the Atlantic. A new study explores what happens to students who aren't allowed to suffer through setbacks.

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