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February 1, 2013

Friday's News & Ideas

Five simple lessons from Shane Windmeyer's friendship with Chick-fil-A's Dan Cathy
Washington Post: LGBT group leader who became friends with Chick-fil-A president offers five lessons for people on both sides of the marriage argument.

Vatican admits it doesn't fully understand youth culture
Religion News Service: Vatican's culture ministry warns that the Catholic Church risks losing future generations if it doesn't learn how to understand young people.

America: Let's face it: The God of Christianity is an extraordinarily odd kind of being. And the followers of this God subscribe to a list of quite ludicrous-seeming claims.

LA Archbishop relieves retired Cardinal of duties
Associated Press: Cardinal Roger Mahony was stripped of duties by his successor as a judge ordered confidential church personnel files released.

Talkative pastor finds his teachable moment
Sheboygan (Wisc.) Press: A hospital chaplain decides to answer a visiting pastor's prayer and offer him a teachable moment.

The Spark

How smiles control us all
The neuronal signals for smiles start in the cortex of our brain, then travel to the brainstem, where the seventh cranial nerve carries the signal to the face, where it reaches the smile muscle. The muscle is activated, the corners of our mouth are pulled up, and we look happy. And if it is a true smile, one that signifies real enjoyment, then little muscles around the eyes are also activated. Which is why it's so difficult to fake a smile.

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