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February 1, 2012

Wednesday's News & Ideas

DREAMing at Catholic colleges
Inside Higher Ed: Catholic colleges and the Catholic church, led by Cardinal Roger Mahony, who retired as archbishop of Los Angeles in 2011, are quietly stepping up efforts to enroll and assist students whose parents came to the United States illegally.

Learn to trust your gut
Harvard Business Review, blog: People have to empower themselves -- which requires a significant psychological and emotional shift contrary to most people's upbringing.

New Calvinism finds Southern Baptist fans
Louisville Courier-Journal: The New Calvinist movement has gained a following in recent years among many young pastors in the Southern Baptist Convention and smaller denominations and church-planting groups.

Chicago clergy concerned by excess bodies at morgue
Reuters: Chicago religious leaders are demanding an end to overcrowding at the Cook County morgue, where bodies of the poor piled up because of cutbacks in state funding for indigent burials.

Islam critic backs out of West Point cadet event
Associated Press: A retired U.S. lieutenant general who made comments denigrating Islam withdrew Monday from speaking at a West Point prayer breakfast after a veterans' advocacy group asked the Army chief of staff to rescind the invitation.
Washington Post: No room for hate at the prayer breakfast

Sex abuse 'widespread' in Catholic Church, Philadelphia judge says
Philadelphia Inquirer: The judge in the trial of two Catholic priests and a former priest declared her belief Tuesday that sexual abuse was "widespread" in the Catholic Church.

The Spark

Think you're all that? You might be putting your health at risk
Everybody knows somebody like this: the self-obsessed, self-congratulatory type with an outsized sense of entitlement and a deluded sense of superiority. He turns every conversation back to himself, prattling on about his own opinions and thoughts, but never deigns to ask about you. Time Magazine says that a narcissistic personality can take a toll -- and not just on the listeners.

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