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January 31, 2013

Thursday's News & Ideas

At halftime, a religious alternative to Beyonce
Religion News Service: Outraged by raunchy behavior, or simply to capture some of the Super Bowl audience, some religious programmers are now producing their own halftime shows.

Through ad campaign, Muslim activists want to redefine 'jihad'
NPR: In an effort to "reclaim" the word jihad, Muslim activists launched a new ad campaign in the nation's capital this week.

Catholic Church tests its reach in health care debate
The Kansas City Star: Faith-based pushback to health care reform is a building battle that will affect people far beyond the Catholic faith.

Help, thanks, (sorry), wow
America: As beautifully written as it is, Anne Lamott's new book is missing a fourth one-word prayer: Contrition, more colloquially known as Sorry.

United Theological Seminary to offer sports chaplaincy program
PR Web: Seminary is developing a new program that will address holistically a populace that has previously been underserved: Our world's athletes.

The Spark

The selfish gene: the broken promises of the Human Genome Project
What did the Human Genome Project give us? Better shampoo and billions of dollars' worth of economic projects, the Daily Beast reports, but what happened to improving our lives? The new book, "Genes, Cells, and Brains: The Promethean Promises of the New Biology," takes a skeptical view of the alleged progress offered by genetics, cellular biology, and neuroscience.

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