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January 27, 2012

Friday's News & Ideas

The new black theology
Christian Century: Three black theologians represent a major theological shift that could change the face not only of black theology but theology as a whole.

No country for evangelicals
Patheos: What does the absence of a strong evangelical contender in the Republican presidential primaries reveal about the current American religious landscape?

9 reasons NOT to plant a church in 2012
Out of Ur, blog: Why church planting may no longer be the best vehicle for evangelism.

New questions, challenges confront Episcopal-turned-Catholic leader
Catholic News Service: Father Jeffrey N. Steenson is finding a lot of new roads to travel and new questions to resolve since becoming head of the ordinariate for Anglicans who want to become Catholics.

Pastor gathers Flint youths in hopes of spreading conflict resolution amid constant violence
The Flint (Mich.) Journal: "Nobody can penetrate this city but you," pastor tells youth group. "Nobody can change this city but you."

Carving a Nietzsche
The (Toronto) National Post: He's been in his grave since 1900, but Friedrich Nietzsche is one of those philosophers you just can't kill. He continues scripting our conversations today.

Well Jesus was a carpenter!
The Daily Mail: Maybe Father Stephen Weston was inspired by the fact that Jesus was the son of a carpenter when he built Britain's smallest church in his back garden.

The Spark

Moms are solutionary revolutionaries
Mom skills seem so simple. Unconditional love, compassion, patience, and listening. But what comes naturally to moms is an example of what everyone could be doing to make our country a force for good in the world, Barbara Stachowski writes at the On Being blog. Moms are the leaders we've been looking for.

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