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January 8, 2013

Tuesday's News & Ideas

God is alive and well in America, says Gallup chief
Religion News Service: Despite a deep drop in the number of Americans who identify with a particular faith, the country could be on the cusp of a religious renaissance, says Gallup editor.

God is unknowable -- stop looking for him, and you will find faith
The (London) Guardian: The more you claim to know God and attempt to delineate his nature, the less likely you are to have hit the bull's eye.

B-School mixes faith and finance
Wall Street Journal: Catholic University's new program will infuse courses with instruction in virtues.

An agnostic biography of the prophet Muhammad
Religion Dispatches: New book seeks to get beyond stereotypes and see who Muhammad really was.

Secrets your pastor can't share in a sermon
Sayville-Bayport (N.Y.) Patch: A pastor offers a glimpse at what faith leaders keep silent about.
Daily Episcopalian: A response to "Secrets your pastor can't share in a sermon"

The Spark

A very, very, very delicate balance
Michael Grab, is a balancer of rocks, NPR's Robert Krulwich reports. He makes big rocks pirouette on little ones, little ones dangle on top of big ones, pebbles tightly clump and suspend in air. But how? How does he do it? First he says, you've got to "know the rocks."

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