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January 4, 2013

Friday's News & Ideas

Notre Dame's holy line
Wall Street Journal: At the heart of Notre Dame's legendary and unapologetically Catholic football program is a careworn balancing act.

Targeting 'Les Miserables' to Christians pays off at the box office
CNN Belief blog: In spite of tepid reviews, "Les Miserables" is booming at the box office, partly because of microtargeted marketing strategy aimed at evangelical Christians.

One-stop Sunday mornings for cowboys and cowgirls in an Arizona town
The New York Times: Steve Gilbertson preaches under a mesquite tree, in the shadow of a saloon best known for its country-western bands and the fervor of its regulars' allegiance to the Green Bay Packers.

Neighbors fear for future of St. Paul School of Theology site
Kansas City Star: Residents fear the pristine campus will fall victim to vandals if it's left empty for long.

Clergy: Would Jesus pack heat? NRA: Do pastors pack any clout?
Seattle Press-Intelligencier: Church leaders shocked by Newtown are getting ready to go up against the NRA, but do they have any clout?
Associated Baptist Press: Is America's fixation with acquiring firearms a form of idolatry?

The Spark

Seven lessons Americans can learn from immigrants to live longer
It's a phenomenon that's stumped social scientists for years. Hispanics in the U.S. are worse off than their white neighbors by almost every economic measure, yet they live longer. Other immigrant groups also seem to have better physical and mental health, especially in the first generation after moving to the U.S. Claudia Kolker's new book examines lessons Americans can learn from immigrants.

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